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Noon Day Prayer Agenda

Monday Prayer

Guidance for the Week

  • Repentance of our short comings

  • Focus of spiritual growth. 

  • Prayer for patience

  • Strength to endure

  • Families 

Tuesday Prayer w/ Beverly

Joy for the Week

  • Praise and Worship

  • Songs and Hymns

  • Gratitude towards God 

Wednesday Prayer with First Lady Amanda Brown


  • Body of Christ

  • Glory of God be shown in the earth 

  • Unity in Fellowship

  • All Things In Common Ministries

  • Vision

 Thursday Prayer w/Pastor Jordan Brown

Intercessory for the Lost

  • Nation (News)

  • World

  • Community

  • The Lost Nation

  • Lost Family and Friends

  • Sickness and Disease

Friday Prayer

Testimony Service

  • Testimonies for the week

  • Signs of growth this week

Saturday Prayer

Children's Prayer Service

  • Children's Prayer

  • Adult Prayer for vision

  • Clarity

  • Direction

  • Wisdom

  • Knowledge

Noonday Prayer Agenda: List
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