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Children's Ministry Teacher

Job Description

Employer Name: All Things In Common Ministries

City: Fort Worth                   

State: Texas

Contact Name: Pastor Jordan Brown

Contact Information (Email and/or Phone Number):

Employer Description: All Things In Common Ministries is based in Fort Worth, Texas. We are multi-cultural, multi-generational and we are newly planted in the area. Our personal driving passion is to bring a lost world back into unity with Christ. We love to encourage the body of Christ through love, and fellowship by the Holy Spirit. We aspire to reach our community, city and world with the gospel presented in a relevant and progressive way.

Job Title: Children’s Ministry Teacher

Hours: (Sundays 10:45am; Thursdays 7pm)

Job Description:

Overview: The Children’s Ministry teacher plans, coordinates and executes programs for the spiritual formation of children and youth, from birth through the 12th grade. Passionate about Children and their spiritual development seeking for their faith to grow in Jesus. Able to teach the gospel in a way that is understandable to others. Working with ministry teams, sponsors, teachers and parents, the teacher is responsible for setting and accomplishing programmatic goals, calendaring, budgeting, communicating, and interfacing with congregational leadership.

The Children’s Ministry teacher takes doctrinal approach to the ministry area: biblical sound lessons, planning age-appropriate events, and celebrating milestones (Baptism, First Bible, First Communion, Confirmation and graduations).


  • Faithful follower of Jesus Christ who exercises it in daily living

  • Has a foundation as to how minister the gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Commitment to lifelong learning to strengthen his/her faith and to grow faith in others

  • Sees themselves as an owner of the mission and ministry of ATICM

  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written, including being a good teacher

  • Fosters spiritual growth in children, youth, and adults through personal relationships and innovative programs

  • Enjoy working as a team member and building strong relationships with co-workers, ministry teams, and the congregation

  • Resourceful and creative in implementing programs and engaging the congregation

  • Strong leadership and organizational skills to oversee youth ministry and Christian education

  • Comfortable around all ages

  • Assist in preparing for Youth and Children’s Ministry Meetings

Requirements: (Application on, Resume, References,etc…)

Compensation: Non-paid for now. Negotiable as the church grows. 

How to Apply:

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