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 Unify the Body of Christ

We are looking to grow and develop the body of Christ while actively engaging with the lost to help them see the love of Christ with the unity of the body of Christ.

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Harmony in Unity

Acts 2:44

All that believed were TOGETHER; and had all things in common (Acts 2:44). Our vision at All Things In Common Ministries is reach those who are lost, disciple believers into spiritual maturity and to develop leaders who are equipped to preach Christ to reach the lost.  This our format towards developing unity in the body Christ by serving believers and those who are lost.

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Do you love the body of Christ? Then you would love this ministry

How would you know that this ministry is good for you? If your love for Christ is growing because of this ministry. If this ministry is giving you vision, purpose, meaning and hope into your relationship with Jesus Christ and you feel inspired to walk in complete obedience of His word. These are some of the core values of someone who is a good fit someone who actively desires to have a genuine relationship with Christ. This is the direction that we are headed.

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