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Bible Study 5/20/2021

Thursday Night Bible study

Matthew 5,6, 7


Please answer each question, If you don’t understand something please let us know. Take your time study and search the scriptures. Please use your life application bible for your study as it will aid in helping you understand the questions being asked. Enjoy the study and have a great evening with the Lord?

1) In Matthew chapter 5 What were the key lessons being taught in the beatitudes?

2) What did Jesus mean in Matthew 5:17-20 when he talked about not coming to destroy the law but to fulfill it?

3) In Matthew 5:21-48 Jesus taught about 6 different topics, what were the topics he taught on? Why do you think Jesus chose to teach on these 6 things? How can this be applied to your life?

Chapter 6

4) What does it mean to pray or be like a hypocrite? How could you avoid hypocritical practices like the was taught about in this chapter?

5) Jesus taught opposite of the Mosaic law or old testament law when it came to justice. Instead of teaching an eye for an eye he taught to love your enemies. Why did Jesus teach this type of mercy instead of getting your own justice? Look in your Life application bible and study the section that says Jesus and the Old testament.

6) What did Jesus mean when he said the light of the body is the eye? When you look over your life do you see areas where you place money above God?

7) Is it a sin to worry? Why or why not?

Chapter 7

8) In Matthew 7:1-6 what did Jesus mean about judging? Is it ever ok to judge someone? What does the word Judging/Judge mean?

9) What is the way to get to heaven? Why do you think the way is narrow? Is the narrow way easy to find? How can you find the narrow way?

10) How can you tell if a person is a sheep of God or not? Is everyone a child or sheep of God?

11) How can you build your house on a rock? What is the Rock that a believer should build on? Will every professing Christian make it to heaven?

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