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The Blessings of Fasting (April 9, 2020)

The Blessings of a True Fasting

1. God has rewards stored up for the believer that can only be accomplished through fasting (Matthew 6:18)

2. Fasting and Prayer is the Healing for Your Unbelief (Matthew 17:14-21)

a. The disciples asked Jesus why we could not heal the boy?

b. Jesus replied “Because of your unbelief”

c. However (The However in is showing that there is yet a solution to their unbelief)

d. The disciples unbelief was not the end and as a believer there are areas in our lives where we have unbelief.

e. Jesus did not leave His believers the option to stay in unbelief but He made His disciples aware of the antidote that already existed.

3. Faith needs prayer for its development and maturity

a. Prayer needs fasting for its development and maturity

4. Your faith is a substance but your faith needs a substance to survive off of

a. The substances is a combination of prayer and fasting

b. Works much like eating and never drinking

5. To fast it means to abstain from foods

a. Symbolically speaking food is the cause of the fall of man

b. Fasting humbles the soul

c. Fasting brings the natural belly under subjection

d. Everything belongs to God even your appetites

6. Your fast is unto God and not for any man’s recognition

7. What is NOT a fast! (Isaiah 58:3-5)

a. Making you righteous

i. Because of your faith in Christ you are righteous

b. Dieting (It’s not meant for you to count carbs, and study nutrition facts on boxes)

i. Are you naturally attracted to these food of the regular basis? Ex: Some people eat the most plain and basic food everyday so withholding meat to someone who is vegan would not be considered a fast for a vegan.

c. A competition or contest (Matthew 6:16-18)

i. Your NOT more holy or necessarily better than other believers because you fasted.

ii. Stop counting the days

iii. Stop letting everybody know how many days (Keep it to yourself as much as possible)

d. Afflicting the soul to attract God

i. God is obviously attracted to you and that’s why He called you to Himself

e. Afflicting the soul to impress God

i. God is already impressed by you when you accepted His Son Jesus Christ into your heart.

f. Finding pleasure for you flesh

g. Getting Technical

h. Arguing, Gossiping, doing wickedness but still fasting.


9. What is fasting? ( Isaiah 58:3-11; Matthew 6:16-18; 1 Corinthians 9:27

a. Abstaining from food

b. Abstaining from pleasures

i. Crucifying the flesh and bringing it under subjection

c. Loosening the bonds of wickedness

d. Undo heavy burdens

e. Letting the oppressed go

f. Forgiving your enemies and their debts

g. Delighting in the Lord

h. Living for God and not for your own pleasure

i. Compassion of people

i. Loving people

10. The Blessing of True Fasting! (Isaiah 58:8-11)

a. Your light shall break forth like the morning

b. Your healing shall spring forth speedily

c. Your righteousness shall go before you

d. You shall call and the Lord shall answer

e. The Lord will guide you

f. The Lord shall satisfy your soul

11. The Ultimate Blessing of Fasting is the opening of your soul and heart to God that is allowing God's spirit to come in their lives in greater capacity. Fasting would allow the believer to have a greater discernment towards the things of God.

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